Questioning + Action = Impact.


What do you call…

the people who question the status quo?

the people who shout out that society can be better?

the people who take action on their own questions?

We call those people “Entrepreneurs”.


Those entrepreneurs don’t necessarily have a  big company or staff,

but they ask questions,

they take action,

and they creates social impact.


That’s what we call as “Impact” Entrepreneurs.



We assume you are also that kind of Entrepreneur.

You cannot help climbing tough mountains,

because you can’t wait to see what the future holds.

You are strong believer in a better world,

and you want to make it real.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 19.18.41

If you climb alone, it’s a tough lonely climb.

If you have a companion, it is easier to reach the top.

But, who wants to go with you? There are plenty at Impact HUB Tokyo.


Impact HUB Tokyo is a base-camp in the middle of the mountains.

It is where you can find fellow climbers

who will go with you, share with you,

and reach the top with you.



So, if you need a base-camp, please come and let’s talk.

Share the future you are visioning, and climb together.


Please register and secure an Open House time slot from below.

< What is an Open House?>

1: It is a one hour session with a member of our hosting team

2: There is a tour of our facilities and a briefing on our mission.

3: We also like to hear about you and your vision.

4: You can stay for a few hours after the session is over. So please pick a day when you have plenty of time to explore the inside Impact HUB Tokyo.


If you prefer English Host to meet you, Please choose “HUB Tokyo Open House in English (1 hour)”