Impact HUB Tokyo

Core of our activity

In addition to providing co-working services, Impact HUB Tokyo hosts a variety of acceleration and lab programs, sprung from our core mission of celebrating innovation and impact.
More details on the core concepts behind our programs here.

We currently organize two types of programs, both aiming at accelerating the development of selected projects in Japan and the Tokyo area. While our Laboratory Programmes are geared for members only, our Accelerators Programmes are accessible to members and non-members.

Laboratory Programmes – Growing your venture at your own pace

For three to six months, you will develop a prototype through trial and error at a pace that matches your team and requirements. You will become a member of the HUB and participate to a monthly meeting where you’ll share your progress and latest challenges.

  • Team Lab


    Geared toward teams who already have a business model and are preparing a beta or pilot launch. A step-by-step approach to preparing for launch and refining your growth strategy. We typically accept teams of 2 to 4 members, but may accommodate larger teams. Assignment of a team desk is possible.
    Participation to this program is subject to screening.

  • Kitchen Lab


    Designed for entrepreneurs who are planning on starting up a food business (provision of lunch or dinner, catering or bento service). You’ll be invited once per week to cook for the HUB at a profit in our lounge and kitchen space and receive first-hand feedback from consumers. With this lab experience, you can establish the standard of operation to generate profits. And admission to the program is subject to screening.

  • SIR (Startup in Residence)


    This scholarship program is aimed at entrepreneurs who are in the process of designing a business model. You will focus on the necessary initial thought process of defining the values and mission of your business. Meetings will occur twice a month, and you will be allowed to use all of the HUB’s amenities and services for free. Participation is restricted and subject to screening.

  • EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence)


    This scholarship program is aimed at seasoned entrepreneurs who’ve already successfully established a business. In exchange for meeting with our members once per month (in the form of sessions or one-to-one office hour) and providing them with invaluable advice, you will be allowed to use all of the HUB’s amenities and services for free. Participation is restricted and subject to screening.

  • AIR (Artists in Residence)


    This scholarship program is aimed at artists who wish to test new approaches to marketing their art and music. If you are seeking to test new sales channels for your art, build a community, establish a first contact with the Japanese market from overseas, or perfect your command of digital marketing, we’re probably a good match! You will setup an event once a month and be allowed to use all of the HUB’s amenities and services for free. Participation is restricted and subject to screening.

Accelerators Programmes – Growing your startup through a short-term, intensive acceleration program

Impact HUB Tokyoが独自で実施、または、他の組織や企業と協力・連携して実施をするアクセラレータープログラムです。 期間は約3ヶ月程度と短く、集中的にプレッシャーの中で事業を進めていくブートキャンプ型のプログラムです。 こちらはメンバー以外の方も、タイミングや条件が合えば、応募し選考プロセスを経て、参加することができます。

  • Team360


    Impact HUB Tokyo’s signature accelerator program since 2013. In twelve weeks, our intensive bootcamp will take you from idea to business. The distinctive feature of Team 360 is its emphasis on collaboration; you will learn in depth about the venture of other participants, discuss and brainstorm solutions together and receive comprehensive feedback on your own idea. The friendships and partnerships you’ll build during the program will continue long after graduation.

  • Impact HUB Tokyo ×
    Le Wagon Tokyo
    Le Wagon Tokyo Coding Bootcamp


    Originated in France, Le Wagon is a 9-week full-time programming bootcamp. Our collaboration with Le Wagon Tokyo has led this life-changing course to debut in Tokyo. Participants to Le Wagon will receive membership for the duration of the bootcamp and the following month. In addition to learning programming and web design, they will join a close-knit community of students and entrepreneurs, expand their networks through weekly events and learn soft skills that will prepare them for developing their future career.

  • Impact HUB Tokyo × WWF
    Ocean Challenge Program:
    entrepreneurship for sustainable fisheries


    Impact HUB Tokyo has partnered with the Ocean team of WWF Japan, whose mission is to promote the implementation of sustainable fisheries, to develop this seven-day research program, first of its kind in Japan, into the needs and challenges faced by entrepreneurs pioneering sustainable fisheries. The program delves into these issues by inviting external scholars to the table and looking pragmatically at the steps required to improve the sustainability of fisheries’ value chains.

Upcoming Programmes

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