Impact HUB Tokyo


As a member of our community, you will find a place to share the challenges of setting up a business in Tokyo with other like-minded individuals and brainstorm on themes ranging from business and market trends to lifestyle and work-life balance. Our supportive community will help you along the journey to building your own, authentic business—improving your creativity and productivity in the process. Find more information on membership categories, our schedule fees and how to request membership.


Our amenities are constantly maintained to ensure that our members work in a pleasant atmosphere, while enjoying a collaborative experience with other members and celebrating the changes of seasons so dear to Japanese culture. Whether you intend on using the HUB once a week or every day, there is a plan tailored for you. Find more information on our co-working space, business support services, work amenities and life enhancement features.


This is where our community becomes your testing ground. Our programs developed organically as a way for entrepreneurs to receive targeted help from the community, and were designed for early-stage entrepreneurs to develop and test a prototype before entering the general market. Learn more about our Lab and Acceleration programs, both held within our facility.


Events are a great opportunity to meet our community, and exchange stories and encouragements. Our program is varied and unique: we host several event series curated by our Community Manager, one-time co-organized events open to the public, or even Meetups initiated by our members. For a closer look at member-only and public events, check our event program.


Impact HUB Tokyo has been offering consulting services in R&D and organizational change since 2013, and 2017 has seen the establishment of the joint venture “w00rk” with our British partner Architecture 00. By leveraging the architectural know-how and experience in managing co-working spaces held by both firms, we are now advising companies on designing workplaces that stimulate innovation. We’ve successfully delivered organizational change and space design solutions to private companies and government agencies through the use of technology and design. Find out more on our recent projects.