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Our consulting services

In addition to our services targeted at entrepreneurs and start-ups, Impact Hub Tokyo offers consulting services for companies and governmental agencies, guided by our mission “Questioning + Action = Impact.”

Our Expertise

Public Space InnovationOrganization management and workspace innovation for the public sector

Impact HUB Tokyo and Architecture00, the company who manages Impact Hub in the UK, established the joint-venture “w00rk” in Japan in the winter of 2016, with a mission to foster innovation in the public sector of both countries by sharing their experience and know-how in managing workspaces for cooperation and innovation.
In addition to being a renowned architecture firm, Architecture00 has managed Impact Hub UK for over 15 years and developed a portfolio of projects in public space innovation. Impact HUB Tokyo has pioneered the Impact Hub model in Japan, adapting the co-working space movement to the local culture and developing a community for innovation for the past 4 years. In sharing their respective experiences, Architecture00 and Impact HUB Tokyo have worked together to improve their communities, attracting talent and creating comfortable workspaces that promote flexibility and increase productivity.

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Past projects include:
✔︎ Advocacy for the development of innovation spaces at the city and district level
✔︎ Space planning with an aim to enhance individual experiences and motivation
✔︎ Space planning training for regional clients
✔︎ Back office support and initiation to space management
✔︎ Contents (meet-ups and events) creation for community development
✔︎ Program for the revitalization of business districts and small businesses in regions

Smart WorkspaceCreation of technology-savvy workspaces

In cooperation with w00rk, Architecture00 and ARUP UK, Impact HUB Tokyo has been leading the development of smart office furniture that leverages the Internet of Things. The products developed by these three companies will help shape workers’ behavior and exchanges inside your workspace for greater focus on innovation.

Until recently, the discussion on “innovative spaces” has been mainly focused on considerations of interior design and ergonomic furniture, but we view human behavior and interactions as a fundamental element of space design. We have developed a unique approach to space planning that relies on data collection and analysis.

Our Smart Workspace project was granted subsidies from JETRO’s Program for Global Innovation Centers and Tokyo’s Craftsmanship Subsidy Program.

We were selected as JETRO Global Innovation Center Projects

Past projects include:
✔︎ Space planning for open innovation
✔︎ Data analysis for space management
✔︎ Smart (IoT) furniture provision and installation
✔︎ Design and implementation of a plan to improve team performance based on behavioral data analysis
✔︎ Recommendation for improved management by integrating considerations of space management

Impact Maker CommunityOrganizational change and impact maker empowerment for larger companies

We assist our clients in creating an entrepreneurial workplace culture by connecting them with our network of innovators. This can take several forms: networking with startups and small & medium enterprises that work in the same field, delivery of an induction program to employees, or implementation of an accelerator program for your product development division.

The strength of our services lies in the connections we are able to establish with the entrepreneurs and business owners of our network. The passion and sense of purpose they communicate have proved to make a lasting impact on our clients’ businesses. These sessions are interactive and allow for both sides to learn from each other.

Past projects include:
✔︎ Creation and implementation of ad hoc accelerator programs for business development
✔︎ Brainstorming workshops with entrepreneurs targeted at employees
✔︎ Workshops for the development of new services
✔︎ New markets’ analysis workshop with relevant startups
✔︎ Creation of business networks gathering entrepreneurs of the same industry

R&D ConsultingImproving the process of innovation

We help clients with traditional R&D processes to change the way in which they create new services and products. We use tools of continuous improvement to improve both the efficiency of their creation process and the chances of success of their new service.

Our strength lies in the human resources and know-how we are able to draw from the global Impact Hub network. We will assign the relevant, necessary resources to your project in a timely manner. Through this network, we are able to find specialists in fields that are little developed in Japan and borrow their skill to the benefit of your project. This wide range of expertise includes ethnography and behavioral research, facilitation based on graphic recording, product design, project management for problem solving, quick prototyping or open manufacturing hardware.

We have successfully led projects for the introduction of the Agile process, for the improvement of customer acquisition processes, and for the introduction of new services to the emerging markets of developing economies.

Past projects include:
✔︎ Creation of a product development process through ethnographic research
✔︎ Creation of a product development process focused on customer acquisition
✔︎ Implementation of an inclusive workshop with customers
✔︎ Product creation and development for new markets, in cooperation with relevant startups
✔︎ Introduction of Agile development in our client’s prototyping process

Our Start-up

Impact HUB Tokyo and the firm Architecture00 managing Impact Hub in the UK have partnered since 2016 to create the joint-venture “w00rk.” Architecture00 is an architecture firm and has accumulated over 15 years of experience in innovation spaces management. For over 4 years, Impact HUB Tokyo has been creating and managing a community of entrepreneurs in Japan, focusing on talent acquisition and innovation space. Both companies have contributed their know-how to w00rk, with a mission to improve their communities, attract talent and create comfortable workspaces that promote flexibility and increase productivity.

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