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Member Onlypitch practice 2018.03.14

HUBbers Pitch Practice Vol3


【This event is member only】

HUBbers Pitch Practice on March 14th Wednesday 20:00- 
We are glad to have this pitch practice night again! 
This time, one of the members, Mr. Shibata-san and others have an opportunity to pitch his service soon! (March 14th) 
He is looking forward to having different kinds of feedbacks on his presentation so that he can improve his pitch before the actual stage! 
Those who want to comes as the commentator: 
– Give constructive feedback! 
– Not if I were you..but if ◯◯ were you! : every pitch has the target audience depending on what the pitchers are looking for. Please imagine yourself being the target audience and give feedback 🙂 
Those who want to pitch: 
– Specify the purpose of the pitch : Are you looking for some feedbacks on your idea? Are you considering getting some funding from investors? Do you want them to be your supporters? Do you need some engineers for your service development? Please let people know why you are pitching. 
– Inform us the length of the pitch : The length can vary depending on where and what kind of the pitch event is. It can be from 2 mins to 10 mins. Please let us know before you start your pitch. 
Event Details: 
– Date: Mar 14th Wed. 20:00-21:30 
– Venue: Impact HUB Tokyo Event Space 
– Fee: Free (please bring your own drink and snacks!) 
– Soujun Shibata 
– And more..!