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Bandana Painting Workshop


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Bandana Painting Workshop

Have fun hand-painting your own bandana with the help of a celebrated professional! In this workshop, you will be given a plain white bandana to paint freely on—follow your inspiration while drinking and chatting with a group of like-minded art lovers!

This fun and lively workshop will be hosted by Ms. Keeda Oikawa, a painter and illustrator renowned domestically and internationally for her wide range of works and classes, from children’s art workshops to live painting sessions.

We will meet on Saturday, April 21st afternoon.

Paint your own lovely bandana!

In this workshop, you will hand-paint your own original bandana. Drinks and snacks are included. You will receive a stencil, but of course, you can choose to paint without one! All painting materials will be provided.
Our instructor is the painter and illustrator Ms. Keeda Oikawa. 
Beginners and those apprehensive about making art are welcome—this will be a somewhat nostalgic session that will remind you of your childhood’s paint-by-number artwork! Bandana art is a great opportunity not only for sharing but also for self-discovery.

Workshop date
April 21st, 2018 (Saturday) 3pm – 6pm
Venue opens at 2.30pm

Workshop location
Impact HUB Tokyo

Session theme
Bandana hand-painting
Participants will be provided with a plain white bandana (45cm × 45cm) and a stencil (but you can choose not to use it!)

Workshop fee
Adults: 5,000 yens (tax included) inclusive of 1 drink and snacks
Children (6 to 12 years old): 3,000 yens inclusive of 1 drink and snacks

What to bring
You do not need to bring anything to this session! Workshop materials are provided. 
However, feel free to bring any refreshment or delicacy you’d like to share with other participants.

Workshop registration
If you wish to register through Peatix, follow this link.

If you wish to register by email, please write to the address below, with “Keeda Oikawa Workshop” included in your email subject. Please provide your name and phone number, and the number of people attending the workshop.

Payment will occur on the day of the workshop.
Please note that seats are limited.

This event information was copied from :, please go to the event page if you need to sign up for attendnace.