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Open Events勉強会member meetup 2018.05.24

Revolut: the Fintech unicorn attacking Japan’s banking system – with R. Stocker


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The Japanese banking system obeys to its own rules and rare are the companies trying to tackle them (kudos to Moneytree). Until now!

We’ll be discussing with Rishi on the specificities of the Japanese financial sector, the challenges it offers and the reasons why Revolut decided to launch here, as well as what makes online banking different from traditional services.

Rishi is Head of Partnerships at Revolut, the banking alternative for today’s international consumers, which as of April 2018 has 1.8M customers across Europe. In under 3 years it has raised over $340M and attained unicorn status.

Rishi is currently focused on launching Revolut in Japan, a market crying out for innovation in consumer banking. Before Revolut, Rishi spent 3 years taking a San Francisco based InsurTech start-up into mainland Europe on its way to an exit as an unicorn. Passionate about setting up tech driven businesses in spaces where large financial institutions have failed to serve the needs of today’s customers.

ApéroTalk is our event series based on a very simple (and very French) concept: Apéro and Talk.

• 7:00 pm – Doors open

• 7:30 pm – Talk and Q&A by Rishi

• 8:30 pm – Networking session

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