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Open EventsLe Wagon Tokyoトークセッション 2018.07.12

Busting the A.I. hype – ApéroTalk with Gilles Daquin


Machine Learning, A.I., Deep Learning… as much as we hear about those words, it’s often hard to recognize what is hype and what is actual technological advance. From self-driving cars to package delivery drones, where does the real value of these new technologies lay?

Gilles will demystify the A.I. hype and show you where he thinks some hidden opportunities are. He will also address the current difficulties of the Japanese market in that field.

Expect some thought-provoking ideas and sharp insights on a field that’s still in its infancy.

ApéroTalk is our events series based on a very simple (and very French) concept: Apéro and Talk.


• 7:00 pm – Door opens
• 7:30 pm – Talk and Q&A by Gilles
• 8:30 pm – Networking session

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