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Atlantic Pacific Japan Network Event


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Join us for a special event in Tokyo to learn more about Atlantic Pacific Japan and our plans for the next two years.

Atlantic Pacific International Rescue Boat Project is a not-for-profit NGO with a simple purpose: we provide lifeboats where there are none.

Nebama Bay, Kamaishi, has the first Atlantic Pacific’s Lifeboat in a Box. Delivered in August 2016, the local community now operate the first lifeboat service in Japan. After the 2011 Tsunami that devastated the region, Atlantic Pacific donated their first lifeboat station to the region to help with their recovery. Their first responsibility was to steward the Nebama Bay Triathlon in September 2016 and consolidate their training, crew and operation in preparation for on-call sea rescue. The station has gone from strenght to strenght and now Kamaishi will be a host venue of the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the local lifeboat crew will be fully trained and equipped to assist with the Ferry service that will bring tourists to the event. Read more about AP in Kamaishi here:

Atlantic Pacific has big ambitions for the station in Kamaishi as well as nationally around the coast of Japan.

Atlantic Pacific is a registered UWCx Initiative and currenrly works with UWC Atlantic College students and UWC ISAK studnets to engage them in our mission to provide lifeboats where there are none.

Robin Jenkins, Founder of Atlantic Pacific and UWC Atlantic College (90-92), Kate Sedwell, Co-Founder of Atlantic Pacific, Masa Mikage, AP Japan, Daniel Mendelssohn, AP Japan (UWC AC 93-95), Katsuhiko Shibamiya, AP Japan will be delighted to meet you. We will give a short presentation about the project and its ambitons in Japan and have time for questions. Then time for networking after.

Please do join us. We would be grateful for a donation to AP.

Do you want to join us for Kamaishi Search and Resuce School in October? Click here for more information

Image: Atlantic Pacific Crew, Kamaishi, Iwate. Image Credit: Laura Lewis

This event information was copied from : , please go to the event page if you need to sign up for attendnace.