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Member OnlyChristmasCommunity Party 2018.12.21

HUBbers Christmas & Year-End Party 2018!


【12/21 HUBbers Christmas & Year-End Party 2018!】
Hello everyone! A year is coming to an end again!! What a surprise..! Things goes by too fast so before that, we would like to properly say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019!
This annual Christmas Party has been a custom these days 🙂
On December 21st, the Hub will close its door for year end holidays and opens it again on January 4th.
So let’s gather and throw a party by cooking the food that has been sit in the fridge for a while and also of course alcohol X)

Those who don’t come to HUB so often and the graduates from the community are more than welcome and invited! And please invite your friends, families and clients.

We are still looking for some bright idea on what to have for the party. We are so looking forward to sharing what you are working on as a project right now, how the year of 2018 for you and what do you want to do in 2019 etc.. Any of you have interesting ideas to be shared please let hosts know!
Talk to you very soon!

Event Details
Date and Time: December 21st Fri. 19:00-
Venue: Impact HUB Tokyo
Fee: 2000 JPY per person (Kids under Junior High is for free!)