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Open EventsMeetup 2019.02.27

XR Nights Vol 7 – Looking To The Future Of VR


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We’re back for our first event of 2019. And what better way than to look forward to what’s in store for VR.

This inaugural event XR Nights (our new Meetup name, formerly VR Hub Tokyo) event will feature two great speakers both of whom are working uniquely on the cutting edge of the VR industry:

Founder and CEO of DVERSE Inc. Shogo Numakura is a name that fast became recognized and respected in the international VR community since its renaissance began back in 2014. He’ll be talking to us about the current state of XR (VR / AR / MR); how it will evolve with forthcoming technologies such as 5G and IoT sensor devices, AI and Edge Computing; and what we can expect to see this year. He’ll also have a hands on demo of his architectural VR design tool Symmetry VR for you to try out for yourself.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to control things with your mind? Then you won’t want to miss Associate Professor at Shibaura Institute of Technology, Ryota Horie’s talk on using Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) in VR. Learn how Horie and his team have applied BCI technology to VR and MR games and live concert experiences. Increase your powers in games by focusing your mind or have a visual effects at a concert evolve as your excitement increases. Learn all about this and don’t miss the chance to try it out for yourself.

We’re also currently working on booking in more demos for you to get hands on with. We’ll keep you updated as we get confirmations!

As always, there’ll be food and drinks available for all attending. Pre-pay now at for just ¥1,000, that’s a 50% discount on the walk in price. You can also pre-pay through our Doorkeeper events page (also going live soon). Tickets are limited so be sure to RSVP and book early to ensure your place.

We look forward to seeing you February 27th at The Impact Hub in Meguro. Doors open at 19:00.

This event information was copied from : , please go to the event page if you need to sign up for attendnace.