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2019 HANAMI PARTY with Impact HUB Tokyo


Hello Everyone!
On March 29th, we will throw a Hanami Party at Impact HUB Tokyo. Maybe you might have noticed some of the sakura trees have come into bloom. Every year the sakura trees along the Meguro River attract so many people. According to some articles, there are about 800 sakura trees by the river.
According to Japan Weather Association (JWA), you can enjoy the sakura roughly until the end of March this year. Even though it rains on the day, no worries! we will project some beautiful sakura to the screen. Of course, if it is sunny we can go out to the river and watch the real sakura.
Please bring 2000 JPY each so that we prepare some beer and food. FITZROY will also be open until the evening. Looking forward to seeing you soon!
イベント基本情報 / Event Basic Info
日時 (Date) : 3月29日(金) 19:30- / Mar 29th Fri. 19:30-
場所 (Venue) : Impact HUB Tokyo Lounge Space
費用 (Fee) : 2,000円ずつ ※お子様は中学生まで無料です! / 2,000 JPY each *Kids under Junior High are for free!