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From L.A. to Tokyo: An entrepreneur journey – ApéroTalk with Adam Boujida


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From L.A. to Tokyo: An entrepreneur journey – ApéroTalk with Adam Boujida

Have you ever wondered how much your life can change in only one year?

Falling in love with a new country and culture, learning to code, finding a first engineer job and launching a company in a completely foreign country: that is how much Adam achieved during his first year in Tokyo.

In this talk, he will take us through his entrepreneurial journey, from joining our fourth Le Wagon batch, to networking his way inside Tokyo, meeting his co-founder and combining a full-time job with launching a fashion e-commerce platform.

If you’re looking to launch your own business or want to understand how to efficiently network, this talk is for you!

ApéroTalk is our event series based on a very simple (and very French) concept: Apéro and Talk.


• 7:00 pm – Doors open

• 7:30 pm – Talk and Q&A by Adam

• 8:30 pm – Networking session


About Adam Boujida

Adam is a Digital Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, Bourdain-inspired Food Enthusiast, and a New York City native. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree from St. John’s University in 2010, he practiced Corporate Risk Management within the Fortune 500 sector for eight years in New York and Los Angeles. Early interest with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain opportunities led him to pivot into the Tokyo Tech Scene at the end of 2017. He joined Le Wagon Tokyo, allowing him to gain skills and knowledge in coding technologies and become a Full-Stack Web Developer in Japan. Since then, he has developed several web applications projects for clients in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan with focus towards Platform and e-Commerce technologies, while also launching aoiShip ( with co-founder Kazumasa Ito in September 2018.

About Le Wagon Tokyo

Le Wagon Tokyo ( is a coding school for startups, creative people and tech entrepreneurs. Our 9-week Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp ( is designed for complete beginners or “half-beginners” who really want to dive into programming and, above all, change their mindset. Learn to think like a developer, consider issues with new insight, and become more autonomous thanks to these newly acquired abilities.

The next Tokyo batch will start on September 30th and applications are open. ( Still considering whether to apply or not? Try our free online track! (

Our part-time bootcamp is now open!
The very first part-time session will start on September 14th. Discover the schedule, curriculum and more:

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