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Member Onlymember meetupディナーCreativity 2019.08.23

Chaos Dinner Gathering


We’re planning a Chaos Dinner Gathering on Friday, August 23 from 7pm!!

~ Chaos Dinner Gathering is a casual community nomikai where everyone talks about their business projects and new ideas!! ~

The theme of this time’s nomikai is to talk about events that you would like to attend or make them happen at or outside the HUB! For example I want to hold an open mic pitch event where you can talk about your business or your hobby, or even about your personal life plans.

Just want to hear about other members’ ideas? Just want to connect with other people? Just want to eat and drink? You are also welcomed! Because It’s a chaos dinner!!!!!

Date: August 23rd Fri. 7pm-
Venue: Impact HUB Tokyo (Lounge Space)
Fee: 1000 〜 1500 JPY per person

Join the chaos!!