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HUBbers Year-End Party 2019!


HUBbers Year-End Party 2019!

Hello everyone!
A year is coming to an end again!! We are slightly running late but yes, the annual community party will be taken place on the final day of the HUB 2019!
We will be open 16:00 till evening 20:00 this time. Those who want to share your current/future project and having a chat with new members, don’t come to HUB so often and the graduates from the community are more than welcome and invited! And please invite your friends and families.

We will be preparing food and drinks. Talk to everyone very soon!

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Event Details
Date and Time: December 26th Thu. 16:00 – 20:00 (early start and closing)
Venue: Impact HUB Tokyo
Fee: 2000 JPY per person (Kids under Junior High is for free!)