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Meetup: Start from WHY


Start from WHY

Hello everyone, we invite you to our regular meet-up which is so-called WHY session.

We believe that it is truly important to discover “your story” as long term business strategy to expand your business and provide value precisely.
In this meet-up, we will return to the start point that we tend to forget and learn process of thinking with other members. Those who have already joined and interested, as well as new members are also welcome.

● Recommended for members if you (are)….:
□ Feel the need for branding strategy to expand current business or increase awareness, but do not really know what to start from.
□ In the stage of thinking about the future and the products, but not clearly able to verbalise direction of your business.
□ Want to redefine your core value.

● What you can expect from this meatup:
□ Making a chance to reconsider about why you started own business and what you really want to create.
□ Learning the philosophy and the story of other IHT members.
□ Reaffirming business model that reflect your true vision.
□ Recognising concepts that will be the foundation of future branding.

◆Basic information:
Date and time: Thursday January 16th 2020, 19:00-20:30
Location: Impact HUB Tokyo 
Number of people: about 8 people
Fee: Free