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Rakugo NIGHT 2020


Rakugo NIGHT 2020 

Back in the day, the Japanese new year started on Risshun, the first day of spring. Here in Impact HUB Tokyo, an entrepreneurs’ community, we are excited to announce this cultural event with Rakugo!
Anyone is welcome to participate, especially if you are interested in traditional Japanese performing arts and want to feel dynamism of performance of verbal entertainment. The lone storyteller, Manpukutei Oniku will tell you two stories, one in Japanese and the another one in English!
Date: Friday, 7th February, 2020 19: 30-21: 00
Location: Impact HUB Tokyo, event space
Storyteller: Manpukutei Oniku
Fee: 500 yen (with snacks and drinks)
● Message from Oniku
Rakugo is one of Japan’s leading classical performing arts that has the history of 300 (or even 400) years.
Style is very simple, just a single performer sitting and performing with words and few gestures to express human emotions.
I have been fascinated and performing Rakugo for several years for “the joy for others and myself”, therefore I would love to choose the story that has some meanings with the location or space. So this time (with consideration of performing at Impact HUB Tokyo), I would like to give you two classic Rakugo stories. One is “Kokkei banashi” (the funny style story) in English and the other story is in Japanese about the entrepreneur in the Edo period (maybe you will have a completely different trap!).