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Maxime’s See You Again Lunch!


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Last year in October, I had a sudden call from Belgium. It was from a guy called Maxime. His boss and him were looking for an entrepreneurial community to join and wanting to launch their first-ever branch outside their country. Next month, he knocked on the door, he didn’t really speak Japanese, have an apartment nor Visa. 
But his bright and charming character immediately brought a lot of supporters and friends! (and he opened the bar in Shinjuku this May!)
Sometimes what matters the most is probably one’s willpower and passion. As long as you try hard, people see it and makes them want to contribute and community will be created. 
That’s the one of the most important learnings I learned from Maxime. 

Time does fly. Now Maxime is about to embark on this new journey in Paris to launch another branch of Brussels Beer Project. Great news and at the same time a sad news as we have to say a good bye to him.. even though it could be temporary.

So we would like to propose to have a nice & casual “See You Again Lunch” for Maxime! there will be no fee charged, but please come gather by bringing some food and drink to share, (maybe better not to be alcohol coz it is lunch time? lol) and celebrate his new chapter! Let’s enjoy the time once again altogether!

Maxime’s See You Again Lunch 
Date : Sep 20th Wed. 12:00-13:30
Place: Impact HUB Tokyo’s Lounge Space
Fee: Free but bring your own food and drink!