Impact HUB Tokyo

About being a Impact HUB Tokyo member

Our motto is “Questioning + Action = Impact,” and we’ve proudly painted it on the external wall of the HUB. This phrase symbolizes how we see ourselves: as a place where individuals who are not afraid to question the way things are can gather. They might be concerned about an aspect of organizational management, about their life in general, or about a facet of Japanese culture. But they decide to take action. And as a result, they impact society as a whole.

With our members sharing this set of values, our community has evolved into a place where we trust each other for support, assistance and collaboration. This is the most valuable asset we offer, and we look forward to counting you as one of us. From testing your ideas to receiving feedback on a prototype, to simply brainstorming about your product or service, come and reap the benefits of belonging to a committed community of thinkers and doers.

There is no screening process to become a member of Impact Hub Tokyo, but we expect prospective members to understand our values and to be willing to connect with other members and contribute to our community with their good spirits. Once you become a member, our hosting team will be available to answer all your questions.

FAQ about Membership

Q: What kind of support should I expect if I become a member?

Our hosting team will assist you on a daily basis. To get a better understanding of the team’s role, please read this story. (Currently Japanese only. We are on the process of translating this article.)
Host’s Story: vol.2 HUBのメンバーシップとホスティングチーム(後編)

In addition, you will of course be provided with our office amenities and services.

Last but not least, the greatest support you’ll receive will be through our events and gatherings, where you will connect with and learn from our members.

Q: What is the composition of your membership?

Our community is quite diverse! Read our founders’ story to understand why. (Currently Japanese only. We are on the process of translating this article.)
Founders’ Story:vol.3 Impact HUB Tokyoの“コミュニティ”とは?

Q: What is the profile of the management team?

Our team gathers individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences. Read our profile to learn more.(Currently Japanese only. We are on the process of translating this article.)
Host’s Story: vol.2 HUBのメンバーシップとホスティングチーム(前編) Host’s Story: vol.2 HUBのメンバーシップとホスティングチーム(後編)

Q: What about the Impact Hub Tokyo’s global network? Is it useful?

Impact HUB Tokyo is part of the Impact Hub Network, a global network of co-working spaces, which allows our members to visit other Hubs when travelling. And our network is not limited to developed nations: it also spans emerging countries, making out network particularly useful if you work in these markets. Read the following for more details. (Currently Japanese only. We are on the process of translating this article.)

Host’s Story: vol.2 HUBのメンバーシップとホスティングチーム(後編)

Membership Fee

Membership levels and fees

There are two types of membership at the Impact Hub Tokyo, and no admission fee or deposit is required for any of them. If none of the membership levels below fits your needs or budget, do not hesitate to contact us. Our hosting team will do their best to accommodate your requirements.

①Membership following participation to one of our programs (over 3 months)

  • At the end of the program (duration of at least three months), you will need to switch to a monthly subscription
  • You will need to participate to the Accelerator program session held on the first of each month (date may change due to calendar)
  • Teams from 2 to 6 co-founders may participate
  • If your founding team has more than three members, use of one of our island desk is possible
  • Incorporation and mailbox set-up are included
  • You will have unlimited access to our facility, but if you choose not to get an access card, you will need to access our facilities during opening hours
  • Group/team promotions are available for monthly subscriptions
  • Find out more about our amenities and in-house services here
  • Program content and price here

①3か月以上のプログラムに参加 Monthly sessions

②Membership based on monthly usage

  • Going through a change of work or lifestyle? You can switch membership levels freely
  • Determine the number of hours you wish to use our facilities in a month
  • Subscribe to the relevant monthly plan
  • Group/team promotions are available
  • Monthly plans range from Hub25 (25 hours /month) to Hub Unlimited (no time limit)
  • Find out more about our amenities and in-house services here


Membership Policy

We apply the following rules regarding fees.

  • There is no admission charge or deposit for becoming a member. We want entrepreneurs to join our community as easily as possible.
  • We accept online and credit card payments. You can start using the Hub as soon as the day you visit us for the first time!
  • Whether you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer, we will accompany you through the development of your business (change in team size, project scope, etc.).. Consult with our hosting team freely.

Open-House Tour for Prospective Members

If you’re interested in one of our accelerator programs or in becoming a member, come and visit us at one for an open-house tour. Book a slot below.

※If you are not interested in becoming member or attending our program as entrepreneur, please contact from the different form. The viewing tour is only limited to those who are interested in membership and programs.
※You can also visit the Hub at one of our public events. Please check our event program.